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Duzter Pro Compression Shirt - SR

Duzter Pro Compression Shirt - SR

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The Duzter Pro shirt was designed in coordination with NHL, AHL players and equipment managers to develop a shirt based on players needs and expectations. The design is based on our popular Duzter Armor shirt for youth players. The Duzter Pro shirt has an integrated flexible cut-resistant neck guard that can be folded to adjust the height.

The patent pending Duzter Pro shirt was specifically designed for junior and adult hockey players and it is available in four different sizes. Choose your size from S to XL.

Duzter Pro Compression shirt benefits:

Reduce the risk of blade injuries (arms, neck)
Accelerate post-workout recovery
Reduce muscle fatigue and time to exhaustion
Improve temperature regulation
Improve circulation
Silicon dots to keep elbow pads in place
Composition of the cut resistant base layer: 85% polyester, 15% spandex, polyethylene.
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