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True Hockey

True AX7 Hockey Stick

True AX7 Hockey Stick

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True AX7 Senior Ice Hockey Stick features an optimised low-kick profile located at the bottom third of the shaft. This design makes it easier for players to get maximum loading energy on their stick. The result is a lightning-quick, and explosive, release from anywhere on the ice. FiberShield Technology, utilises low-density nanoparticles throughout the entirety of the shaft and blade, providing for improved durability without negatively affecting overall weight and balance. Weighing in at 418 grams, the AX7 Hockey Stick features a great strength-to-weight ratio. Further enhancing the build quality of the True AX7 Hockey Stick are the Carbon Tow weaves evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the shaft’s interior. Known as SmartPly Technology, this helps further enhance the durability, as well as optimises the overall balance of the stick, providing for an unmatched feel during stick handling and shooting. The AX7 stick looks to maximise performance with improved durability and an optimised balance point, making it the ultimate team stick.

The True AX7 Senior Ice Hockey Stick is 63 inches in length

(T range has a longer stick shaft and a maxi blade)
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