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True Catalyst 5x Goalie Stick

True Catalyst 5x Goalie Stick

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The True Catalyst 5X Senior Goalie Stick is a lightweight composite stick built to be more responsive, with a stiffer paddle, increased playability and optimised durability.
Starting at the paddle and the blade, the True Catalyst 5X is designed with an improved braided rib system, which offers a dampened feel for optimised balance and durability, in addition to being lightweight.

The Catalyst 5X offers a redesigned higher flex zone in the paddle, giving the stick a mid-kick profile. This flex profile is optimised for easier, faster loading times and more powerful passes while clearing the puck.

Moving up to the handle, the True Catalyst 5X has a more rounded corner of the shaft and a steeper angle. This allows for added grip and ultimate feel while stick-handling.

The True Catalyst 5X, offers all-new Precision Laminate Design (PLD) optimises the angles of the carbon fiber layers throughout the shaft, which offers increased impact strength and optimal stiffness while reducing the weight of the stick.
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