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True Hockey

XC9 Girdle and Cover

XC9 Girdle and Cover

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The True XC9 Ice Hockey Girdle offers players better responsiveness, mobility, and a better-personalised fit than traditional ice hockey pants while till providing protection. X-TEC Suspension Technology, which is located in the kidneys, dissipates impact. In order to do this, X-TEC provides separation between the protection and the body; similar to the design of a shin guard shell and its liner.

Hard, molded plastic offers great protection to hockey-related impacts in the hips, thighs, spine, and tailbone. Throughout each of these key impact areas, True filled in the spaces with perforated foam to extend coverage without sacrificing breathability.

Offering a close-to-the-body fit, the XC9 even has great adjustability around the legs, offering the choice between more volume or a tighter fit. Included with the girdle, the XC9 shell attaches via Velcro tabs and offers solid breathability with mesh panels on both the front and back. It also features wide stretch gussets to enhance player mobility and zippered leg openings allowing players to tie their skates before putting the girdle and shell on.
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